Conscious cuisine: Quality, customization, and satisfaction in harmony with the environment

Discover a unique experience where the quality of ingredients combines with menu customization, providing maximum satisfaction to our clients. Our "conscious" cuisine is committed with your image or your brand, sustainability, and environmental care in every dish we serve.

Locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality

We are proud to work closely with trusted local suppliers, carefully selecting the freshest and highest quality ingredients available in the market. We firmly believe that the quality of ingredients is the foundation of an exceptional dish, which is why we ensure that every product we use meets our rigorous standards.

Customized menus for meetings, parties, film shoots, or events

Whether you're planning an elegant corporate event, a film shoot or production, a party, or an intimate gathering at home, our team will take care of every detail. We strive to understand your tastes, preferences, and dietary requirements to design a personalized catering service that perfectly fits your needs.

Connecting flavors, values, and sustainability

At Royal Taste, our unique approach to catering goes beyond simply offering food. We strive to convey the authentic values of brands, connecting with clients and guests in a meaningful way. Our commitment to sustainability and the environment is reflected in our relationships with local producers and the exclusive use of recyclable materials in the presentation of our services.

Trust and excellence in every detail: Your satisfactionis our priority

We foster an atmosphere of trust where our clients feel comfortable sharing their concerns and issues. We commit to handling your worries with the same attentiveness and care as if they where our own, striving to provide you with a premium service from the initial planning to the final delivery, taking care of every detail with professionalism and kindness.

Make a difference with an explosion of flavors

Our gourmet catering offers you the authentic taste of homemade cuisine. Each dish is handcrafted with passion and dedication, using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether it's an event or a celebration, our team strives to create unique specialties that guarantee an unparalleled gastronomic experience.

Delight your guests with freshness and quality in intense flavors that only we can offer.

Customer Reviews

Listen to what our customers say about us

I am delighted to have discovered Royal Taste. From the first contact, they showed uncommon flexibility and a high level of commitment. The quality of the food was extraordinary, all fresh, with exquisite flavors. You could feel that the food was made with love and passion. It was the best catering I have ever hired (and considering my work and the events I organize, I have hired quite a few). My guests were impressed by the great variety and quality of the food, the presentation, and the flavors—an overall unforgettable experience. I must also highlight their constant cleanliness on the tables and the attentive service provided to all attendees, which was top-notch. Without a doubt, I highly recommend their catering services for any event as they exceeded all my expectations and contributed to the success of the event.

Ana Gracia


The catering provided at my private party was simply... EXCEPTIONAL!!! All the food was delicious, and in every dish, you could feel the craftsmanship and quality of the ingredients. All of my guests were amazed by such a gastronomic experience. I was pleasantly impressed by the variety of vegan options available to accommodate the special needs of some of my guests, which shows their attention and commitment to each person's dietary preferences. The service provided by Alperda and their team, always friendly and attentive, ensured that my guests felt well-cared for and attended to at all times. They left the kitchen and all the tables tidy and clean. Their organization and cleanliness could be felt in every meticulous detail. It was an unforgettable culinary experience, and I will definitely recommend and repeat with them for future parties or gatherings.

Bettina Schnellenberg


The catering we enjoyed at our company was simply an exceptional experience. We trusted their advice, and it was a great decision. In every gastronomic proposal they offered us, every bite was a burst of flavor. The inclusion of vegan options and a variety of desserts was a true delight. Each proposal showed the care and dedication in their preparation. The service provided exceeded all our expectations, with the staff always attentive and ensuring that nothing was lacking. The attention to detail, organization, and cleanliness were impeccable, and any unforeseen issues were efficiently resolved. Hiring their services was a true pleasure as it allowed us to be worry-free. Without a doubt, this catering surpasses any standard, with exquisite food that left us impressed. We will definitely repeat this incredible experience.

Amanda Kielh


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Royal Taste

We are a catering company specializing in creating unique gastronomic experiences. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to artisanal and homemade preparation of all our specialties. Each proposal is handcrafted with dedication and passion, using exclusively fresh and high-quality ingredients.

We have multilingual staff fluent in Spanish, English, French, and Italian.

Flexibility, Commitment, and Solutions are our premises.

At Royal Taste, we are always available and we adapt to the needs of our clients, providing our services upon reservation and booking.

Our staff, always with an excellent appearance and a professional and positive attitude, possesses diverse skills to address any situation that may arise during the service, ensuring a satisfying and seamless experience.

Commitment, excellence and confidentiality: We ensure to fulfill all the commitments made with our clients, offering a service of the highest quality and profesionalism at all times. Furthermore, we guarantee complete confidentiality in all interactions to protect privacy and the trust placed in us.

In order to provide the highest level of convenience to our customers, we accept all forms of payment including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, Wise, Bizum, and more. We ensure that payments are made in the most convenient way for each type of customer.

Take your event to another level...

Welcome to our exquisite culinary world, where flavors and quality merge in every bite. We are specialists in catering, creating unique gastronomic experiences. Our offerings stand out for their artisanal and homemade preparation, using only fresh and high-quality ingredients.

In our kitchen, each dish is crafted with passion and a blend of traditional and modern techniques. We offer a variety of authentic and delicious flavors, prepared with love and dedication. Our catering service will provide you with exceptional service and an unforgettable experience for all your events, parties, and gatherings, leaving a lasting impression in the memory of your guests.

We offer customized rates to fit every budget. Enjoy a great service without sacrificing excellence.

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